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101 T-shirts Indexed ~ That's like almost 102!

What is Lamp8?   Why Lamp8?   What inspired Lamp8?   Why not Lamp6?  

What is Lamp8?

Lamp8 is the equal of a Ninja/Cowboy/Robot hybrid in the T-Shirt Industry. It doesn't carry needless things like text to slow it's stealthful ways nor does it answer to anybody but the stars. It just randomly does what it does best. Shows off t-shirt images so people can buy. Randomly. 100 of them to start.

Why Lamp8?

Seriously. Why not Lamp8? You do not see me asking you why your name is what it is do you? Maybe because I know you were probably born with it. So that's my answer. This website was BORN with the name lamp8.

What inspired Lamp8?

The real question is what DIDN'T inspire Lamp8. Let's see. I can definitely say that Honey Mustard did not inspire this website. Neither did any kind of Polka Music. Despite those things... living up to being the Center of the T-shirt Universe has a lot of inspiration in itself. However if you must have a real answer then I can easily say that I was sick of searching for t-shirts and seeing text. Everywhere. Cafepress searches give you around 95% Text and 5% images and I just can't have that sort of thing. Text does not sell t-shirts. The images on them do. So Lamp8 offers 95% image. 5% text. Lamp8 is the best ying to a very annoying yang.

Why not Lamp6?

That is an important question. Lamp6 was indeed the first choice for a name. We knew in our infinite wisdom that Lamp6 was a wonderful name and would be the single-most successful name on the internet today. However, fate would not give us this power. Lamp6 would be taken by what appears to be an asian surfboard shop. I hope the asian owner contacts me one day. He must be really cool.You can check it out HERE.
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