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Cowboy-like Banners

I love the old west. The best part of the old west were the cowboys. I think today there are just too little cowboys around, and modern cowboys (the ones in Texas) just do not do the Wild West justice. So I figured I could bring gunslinging back in a tasteful way. I call it - "Gunslinging Marketing" - where I get cool people to come up with awesome campains to promote MY site.

Sometimes I will do the work myself. I'd rather have other's do it for me though and I'd rather see them duke it out in the process. Mano to Mano. Pistol to Pistol. So start watching Clint Eastwood movies and read the book "Shane" for some real knowledge on how to advertise.

Example of "Gunslinging Marketing".

See. It's very cowboy like. It has a cowboy saying he will shoot someone if you do not check out this page. Who would ignore that? It just reeks of bad-ass-er-y and style. Mixed with Old-school. I want to go play with my old toys now.

Ninja Like Coding

Unlike most Ninja loves - mine is not a fad. It is a way of life. Ninja's do things like bring presents to little kids without anyone seeing them around the entire world in a single night! On top of this they conjure folk-lure that blame jolly old-fat men for this feat of feats. If they can trick the world like that... then I want my coding done in the way of the Ninja!

I myself cannot program more than a seven year old-kid with an Atari. I can't even draw better than the same kid. (Damn kid). However. What I can do is hire ninja's do write me up scriptures of code that track statistics and count clicks and even set up my simple database into a swifter and deadlier assassin...of a database.

In this site's current form I labor. I labor a lot. I do everything by hand or with really crappy PHP coding (taught myself the basics). I tell myself it is for character growth and self-seeking awareness. I do eventually want to make things better for all and with support of this site I will pay said ninja(s) or even will allow charity ninja(s) to do work for new gear. Like this ninja coding - T-shirt!

So I ask those of you who can help to contact me. However - be warned. Those who walk the path of the ninja are sworn to the secrets that lie within the Ninjitsu Code of Lamp8.com. Death has never come quicker to breakers of the Lamp8 oath. ::vanish::

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